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Feral Cat

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Feral Cat

Feral cats can be seen in both urban areas and many natural habitats on all three islands.
Scientific name
Felix catus
Domesticated cat
Feral cat
Farm cat
Feral cats are decedents of wildcats from Europe, Near East, Asian and Africa, who were domesticated 1000s of years ago (Driscoll et al, 2007). Once domesticated, these cats were taken all over the globe, by humans, and now significantly impact native wildlife here in the US Virgin Islands.
Cats first arrived to the USVI as domestic pets of humans. Failure to spay and neuter these domestic cats, and cats on island today, has led many feral (wild) cats on all three main islands.
Cats are excellent at hunting small prey due to their retractable claws, sharp teeth, quick reflexes and strong body. Female feral cats can have litters of 2-14 kittens and average 1.4 litters/year, resulting in their stable, or increasing populations in many locations (Nutter et al. 2004).
Ecological Impact
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